Consolidation (1855-1897)

Father of Gynecology?

What: A controversial statue of the “Father of Modern Gynecology”
When: 1894
Where: Fifth Avenue and 103 Street

Dental School

What: New York College of Dentistry, third oldest in the country
When: mid-1800s
Where: 161 Fifth Avenue

A Rural Cemetery

What: A cemetery to address 19th century bans on downtown burials
When: mid 1800s
Where: 770 Riverside Drive, between 153 and 155 streets

Pneumatic Subway

What: New York City’s first subway
When: 1870s
Where: Broadway and Warren Street, near City Hall

Harlem Hospital

What: Trained African American physicians and nurses during segregation
When: Founded in 1887
Where: Harlem

Clandestine Abortionist

What: Ann Trow Lohman, known as Madame Restell, ran a 19th century abortion house at a time when physicians advocated for fertility control.
When: 1840
Where: Fifth Avenue and 52 Street, Manhattan

Heat Wave 1896

What: An intense heat wave killed 1,500 people and was nearly lost to history because of the paucity of records
When: 1896
Where: New York City

Father of Pediatrics

What: Established pediatrics as a medical field
When: 1853
Where: 20 Howard Street, Manhattan

A Madhouse in the East River

What: Reporter for “The New York World,” Nellie Bly pretended to be a patient in order to spend ten days in New York’s worst mental institution. Her article transformed conditions at the institution.
When: 1887
Where: Roosevelt’s Island

Pearl Street Power Play

What: The first centralized power plant
When: 1882
Where: Mid-200s block of Pearl Street; now 40 Fulton Street

Building the Brooklyn Bridge

What: First suspension bridge made with steel cables.
When: 1883
Where: Across the East River, connecting Brooklyn to Manhattan

The Current Wars

What: Inventor Nicholas Tesla won the current wars with AC, but died impoverished
When: Late nineteenth century
Where: Midtown, Manhattan

Rural TB Retreat

Home for Chronic Invalids. (Image: Montefiore Medical Center)

What: The 25-bed Montefiore Home for Chronic Invalids
When: 1884
Where: 84 Street and York Avenue