Scientists & Institutions

Midnight Climax

What: CIA mind control experiments on non-consenting men
Where: 81 Bedford Street
When: 1950s and 60s

Dental School

What: New York College of Dentistry, third oldest in the country
When: mid-1800s
Where: 161 Fifth Avenue

Harlem Hospital

What: Trained African American physicians and nurses during segregation
When: Founded in 1887
Where: Harlem

Malaria Therapy

What: A misguided effort to fight one disease, syphilis, with another, malaria.
When: 1930s
Where: The Rockefeller Institute

Father of Pediatrics

What: Established pediatrics as a medical field
When: 1853
Where: 20 Howard Street, Manhattan

Pearl Street Power Play

What: The first centralized power plant
When: 1882
Where: Mid-200s block of Pearl Street; now 40 Fulton Street

A Celebration of Exploration

What: A club founded by adventurers who undertook scientific expeditions to remote places.
When: 1904
Where: 70th Street and Madison, Manhattan

The Current Wars

What: Inventor Nicholas Tesla won the current wars with AC, but died impoverished
When: Late nineteenth century
Where: Midtown, Manhattan

Telegraph Races

What: Samuel Morse developed the electric telegraph
When: Early 1800s
Where: New York University

Manhattan Project in…Manhattan

What: The birth of the Manhattan Project
When: World War II
Where: At three locations on Broadway, including the Woolworth Building