Upper West Side

A Rural Cemetery

What: A cemetery to address 19th century bans on downtown burials
When: mid 1800s
Where: 770 Riverside Drive, between 153 and 155 streets

The Fly Room

What: Critical work on genetics by Thomas Hunt Morgan and Alfred Sturtevant.
When: Early 20th century
Where: Schermerhorn Hall, Columbia University, 116 Street and Broadway, Manhattan

Stargazer Gatherings

What: An association created when directors from The American Museum of Natural History began thinking about building a planetarium
When: 1927
Where: American Museum of Natural History, Upper West Side, Manhattan

An Aqueduct for Gotham

What: New York City’s first aqueduct brought Manhattan 75 million gallons of water a day.
When: 1842
Where: It ran 41.5 miles, from Dutchess County to what is now the Great Lawn in Central Park